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Strategic Innovation & Leadership Advisory

Strategic Innovation & Leadership Advisory services offer deep engagement and collaboration with a client’s executive leadership team.

Whether we’re delivering “Art of the Possible” planning workshops, doing collaborative roadmap design, providing intra- and extra- industry context and comparison, or executing on advisory aligned to our award-winning Secure Intelligent Workplace framework (encompassing strategy around business and process, data and analytics, technology and infrastructure, as well as security and compliance), we’re side-by-side with you. Our team of Envisioneers, senior consultants and engineers will work with you to assess and develop your strategic roadmap.

Strategic collaboration to drive your organization forward

C-Suite Guidance at $140M Medical Devices Company

Zero trust security and technology roadmap support for CISO and CTO results in secure growth.

A pioneering medical technology company has one goal – to get innovative technology into the market to solve real problems. Of course, it’s never that simple – there’s security, privacy, data management, internal staff, endpoints, etc… and that means there’s a technical and security roadmap to build that will support the market efforts, without inserting any risk or loss of productivity into the equation.

We collaborate with the C-Suite to ensure information protection, data and device protection, identity management, correlation of signals, a thoughtful cloud philosophy, and a zero-trust approach is part of the strategic value proposition of any organization looking to innovate in their space.

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Solving for Chaos in Data and Systems

Our strategic advisory set a $3B publicly-traded company on the path of truth in data and analysis that saved money.

When you’re a publicly traded brand with a $3B market cap, it’s easy to assume your team has all the answers... and sometimes bringing in outside expertise is one of them.

During a six-month deep-dive engagement with a major client in the building products and equipment industry, our data engineering, architecture, and advisory groups built a multi-year data and analytics roadmap including financial impact projections, inclusive of data strategy, technology stack, governance and compliance, and security deliverables.

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AI and Machine Learning Mission Readiness

The NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO), a critical part of the Science & Technology Organization (STO), is the single focus in NATO for Defense Research and Technology activities. Its mission is to conduct and promote cooperative research and information exchange.

Infused Innovations was a featured speaker at the NATO RTO conference, attended by defense research and technologists from across the 31 NATO member states.

Our presentation provided important guidance and context on the history, current-state, and future uses of AI / ML as it relates to NATO’s goals and mission readiness. Additionally, we provided guidance to the attendees around innovative approaches to data capture, analysis, and exploitation.

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Helping Achieve Expansion Ambitions 

A robust acquisition and integration strategy with nationwide ambitions requires strategic support to ensure data security, productivity, compliance, and a good staff and customer experience.

A family owned and operated auto business, one of the oldest dealership networks in the nation. With brands from Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Volvo, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac, their locations span Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

As part of a nationwide expansion strategy, the client wanted to ensure that there would be a well-architected integration strategy, one that ensures all acquired dealerships were operating with high standards, security and compliance requirements, and to ensure good visibility and manageability. We have provided a predictable integration OpEx experience, a reliable single-pane of insight, and policies and configurations required to ensure users, data, devices, and applications are effective.

Strategic Roadmap

Enhancing the Student Experience

The retention rate for public, four-year institutions in higher education is 76.3%. That means about 1 in 4 students left their school to study elsewhere — or nowhere at all…

There is both a significant financial impact and a real community impact to a College or University being able to retain students over the course of their program of study. However, students leave for many reasons (not finding social connection, not understanding the academic or extracurricular resources, confusion about courses and requirements, etc.).

Using GPT large language models, and ingesting information specific to the University (course information, on-campus resources, etc…), we are able to provide students with a real-time natural-language chat-based interface at any time and on any device, to help them navigate and enhance their experiences while at the University, and hopefully provide an empathic response to those feeling socially disconnected, lost or lonely.

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