About Us

Framework & Process

We drive client engagement through strategizing, architecting, enabling, empowering, securing, and scaling the amazing missions of our clients.


We believe in the power of emerging technologies to transform industries

Our unique approach sets us apart. We don't leave our clients to figure out their path forward alone. Instead, our holistic services are embedded in every proposal we offer, providing a clear framework for success. We believe that a successful long-term engagement requires a balance of strategic advisory, technology delivery, and innovation. By offering this full spectrum of services, we empower our clients to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape and achieve their "north star" goals.


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Our approach is threefold: assess, advise, and accelerate

We work closely with our client's team to assess the current state of a client’s organization, meticulously evaluating their systems and reporting on our findings. We then advise our clients by constructing a comprehensive roadmap for improvement, aligning it with future state objectives and industry best practices. Finally, we accelerate the process of organizational modernization, security, and innovation, by actively participating from an architectural and engineering perspective to implement and optimize the proposed solutions. This systematic approach ensures that we deliver on our promise of driving innovation, modernization, and security in every engagement.


Ongoing Phases: Continuous Improvement & Corporate Initiatives

Throughout the entire effort, Infused Innovations resources will be focused not only on the technical phases of improving our clients ecosystem, but also will be ensuring the adoption and change management processes are a key component. To do this, we incorporate user training, IT training, support, and strategic advisory into our planning and implementation processes.

This allows us to engage with our clients at both a tactical and strategic levels to ensure we are aligned with the best outcomes for both end users and the business. These focuses continue past the full implementation phases.

Also, we know there are competing initiatives or business objectives that the IT staff will be working through. We build in ongoing C-Suite strategic collaboration touchpoints into every engagement to ensure that we are responsive to and supportive of those other corporate imperatives.


Quality Assurance is more than just a buzz word for us

Quality assurance is part of the Infused Innovation culture, treated as more than just a series of actions designed to ensure the final outcomes of a project meet the expected requirements. We focus on the processes used to maintain standards and produce quality deliverables, but also hold our staff accountable as part of their annual review in these goals. Internally, we leverage QA processes that require each team member to submit progress reports for review each week. By implementing quality assurance throughout a project, teams adapt to a set of requirements to achieve quality outcomes.

We take the position of total quality management as a requirement for customer success. This quality assurance process uses quantitative methods to detect and eliminate errors with the goal of improving outputs. Total quality management focuses on training every project team member to meet standards for the overall quality of project outcomes. Project managers use this data as key performance indicators to ensure accountability among team members.


Responsible & Ethical AI

AI is here to stay - bringing limitless potential to push us forward as a society. Used wisely, it can create huge benefits for businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide.


Transformation Awaits

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