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Ethical & Responsible AI

The Responsible AI Committee is tasked with ensuring that all AI initiatives align with ethical guidelines and best practices.

Our Responsible AI Committee is instrumental in shaping policies that govern AI use, addressing issues like data privacy, algorithmic fairness, and AI transparency. This committee serves as our compass, guiding us in making informed decisions that reflect our commitment to Responsible AI.

Diagram of the six principles of Microsoft Responsible AI, which encompass fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability_

Meet the Responsible AI Committee

Our Responsible AI Committee embodies our dedication to ethical and accountable AI practices. By steering our approach to data privacy, algorithmic fairness, and AI transparency, this committee ensures that our AI initiatives align with our core values and societal responsibilities. Their expertise and guidance are crucial in maintaining our unwavering commitment to Responsible AI both internally and for our customers.
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