The Digitally Transformed Podcast

Planning for AI Excellence: Budgets and Beyond

Part 2 – Episode 7 – Brennan Richards Artificial Intelligence Engineer & Connor O’Neill Director of Development and Data Solutions

Step into the world of strategic AI planning and budgeting with our latest episode of Digitally Transformed, the podcast powered by Infused Innovations. Today, we’re diving deep into the critical intersection of artificial intelligence, financial planning, and business strategy.

In this engaging conversation, your host, Justin Starbird, welcomes two experts in the field: Brennan Richards, an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and Connor O’Neill, the Director of Development and Data Solutions at Infused Innovations. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, shedding light on how AI is reshaping the way businesses allocate resources and plan for the future.

The group illuminates the dynamic world of AI and its rapidly evolving landscape. Brennan shares his insights on leveraging OpenAI and ChatGPT, highlighting how these technologies are revolutionizing industries. Connor provides a strategic perspective, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead in the AI game and how businesses can capitalize on the AI revolution.

The discussion also takes a deep dive into the world of budgeting and strategic planning. Connor introduces the “Art of the Possible” workshop-a unique approach that empowers organizations to explore the transformative potential of AI. You’ll discover how AI can optimize workflows, cut costs, and enhance employee satisfaction, all while ensuring your budget aligns with your strategic objectives.

Looking ahead, our experts discuss the future of AI, including the exciting prospects of Copilot and open-source AI models. They stress the significance of taking action now to embrace AI in your business. Whether you’re a seasoned industry leader or just starting your AI journey, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to make informed budget decisions and plan for AI integration effectively.

Join us for an insightful journey into the AI universe, where budgeting and strategic planning are the keys to unleashing your business’s full potential!

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