The Digitally Transformed Podcast

Defending the Digital Frontier: Insights into AI-Powered Cybersecurity

Part 4 – Episode 12 – With Jeff Wilhelm, Founder & CEO of Infused Innovations and Dan Chemistruck, Principal Security Technology Specialist for Microsoft

Join us on the latest episode of “Digitally Transformed,” for a riveting journey into the heart of modern cybersecurity. In celebration of the National Cybersecurity Alliance’s 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we unravel the secrets behind the digital fortresses safeguarding our virtual world.

Dive deep into the conversation as our experts, Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations and Dan Chemistruck, Principal Security Technology Specialist for Microsoft shed light on the groundbreaking intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. In an era where cyber threats evolve at an unprecedented pace, discover how AI technologies are revolutionizing the way we defend against digital adversaries.

Explore real-life stories of cyber resilience, including the intriguing case of MGM’s battle against relentless attacks, and how strategic implementations transformed vulnerabilities into strengths. Learn about the powerful tools Microsoft offers, empowering organizations to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats with finesse and precision.

Unveil the strategies that go beyond traditional boundaries, blending human expertise with cutting-edge AI solutions. Understand the critical role of AI-driven automatic attack disruption and its potential to thwart threats in real-time. Discover the collaborative efforts between humans and AI, painting a picture of an impervious digital future.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast, a business leader, or someone curious about the forces shaping our digital destiny, this episode promises invaluable insights. Join us for an engaging discussion that demystifies the world of cybersecurity, leaving you inspired and equipped to face the digital challenges of tomorrow.

Tune in to “Defending the Digital Frontier: Insights into AI-Powered Cybersecurity” and fortify your knowledge in the fight against cyber threats. Your virtual safety awaits. Don’t miss out – press play and embark on this transformative digital odyssey today!

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