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Behind the Award: Jeff Wilhelm on Inc.’s Power Partner Accolade

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Step into the world of cutting-edge business transformation with Digitally Transformed, where each episode is a journey into the future of technology, strategy, and innovation. Hosted by Justin Starbird, this episode is a celebration of achievement as CEO Jeff Wilhelm from Infused Innovations shares the thrilling story behind the coveted Power Partner Award from Inc. Magazine.

Episode Highlights:

🌐 Power Partner Accolade: Dive into the discussion as Jeff Wilhelm shares the excitement of Infused Innovations being recognized with the Power Partner award by Inc. Magazine for 2023. Explore the significance of this accolade and its reflection on the company’s innovative approach.

🔄 Strategic Business Shift: Hear firsthand about the conscious decision to shift the company’s focus from traditional Managed Services to a strategic emphasis on advisory, technology delivery, and artificial intelligence. Jeff unfolds the journey of this strategic pivot and the impact on the company’s growth and recognition.

🏆 Inc. Magazine Recognitions: Explore the multiple awards received by Infused Innovations from Inc. Magazine, highlighting excellence in enterprise architecture, IT management systems, and artificial intelligence. Learn how these awards align with the company’s commitment to holistic, secure, and forward-thinking solutions.

💡 Leadership Insights: Gain valuable insights into leadership as Jeff Wilhelm shares the company’s approach to disrupt conventional thinking and bring diverse ideas to client discussions. Discover the delicate balance of navigating business decisions, particularly when evolving from a legacy structure.

🎯 Future Focus – 2024 and Beyond: Look ahead with Jeff as he outlines the company’s roadmap for 2024. Understand the emphasis on education, strategy, and technology delivery as the team continues to help organizations prosper in the ever-changing digital landscape.

This episode of “Digitally Transformed” is not just about awards and recognitions; it’s about the dynamic evolution of a company in the digital era. Whether you’re a business leader, tech enthusiast, or someone passionate about staying ahead in the digital curve, this episode offers valuable insights, strategies, and a glimpse into the future of technology and business.

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